EKU at “Vanguard of Campus Safety” with Campus Aggression Prevention System

Posted In Campus Safety, Emergency Management, Risk Management, School Safety on April 19th, 2011
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Eastern Kentucky University has implemented the Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) in order to track both primal and cognitive aggression, identify acts of emerging aggression based on an objective scale and then record those acts in a software-based tracking system.  Responders are trained to intervene appropriately to stop the aggressor before serious harm can be done.

Lessons Learned: In response to recent tragedies, many schools and colleges nation-wide are reviewing their programs for identifying, assessing, and intervening with students who show signs of distress and evaluating their policies and procedures for reporting red flags, suspicious or aggressive behaviors, violence, risks, etc.  Lessons learned have clearly revealed that school/college leaders must let go of status quo approaches and look at new ways for improving situational awareness and connecting the dots to identify red flags, improve prevention, protect communities and save lives.  One of the most concerning things is that students are not reporting acts of violence, bullying, harassment, etc.  It is critical for schools to implement safe and non-retaliatory reporting procedures, policies, plans, and training for faculty to identity warning signs of violence.

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